The 'German for Students of Classical Studies' Program

The Classics Department at the University of Cologne is launching the 'German for Students of Classical Studies' program for its third run in 2017. The course will be taking place between 12 June and 21 July, 2017. Applications can be sent in until 15 March, 2017.

If you have questions regarding the application process, please consult the information listed below or send us an email to german-for-classics(at) You may also find us on Facebook and Twitter for convenient updates.


The GSCS immersion program features six weeks of intensive language training accompanied by a varied social program including guided tours through Cologne and excursions to points of interest in the surrounding area. The program begins 12 June and lasts until 21 July, 2017. Participants are also welcome to attend lectures, seminars, and courses in our Classics Department.

The program is designed to accommodate the needs of advanced students (in master and PhD tracks) of Classical Studies who need to certify their knowledge of German. The language course tackles difficulties in communication and is centered on topics of interest in current research. Reading activities will be another focus during language training. 


In case you are interested and want to send in your application, please make sure to include the following items:

  • a letter of motivation that illustrates your current status as a student of Classics and your expectations of the course as well as states your interests in the field on one to two pages
  • a CV
  • a certificate of your knowledge of German
  • a confirmation of reciprocity from your home university's department of Classics (that enables Cologne students to visit your university).

We are happy to help with all questions, just send as an email (to


May I send in language certificates later than the official deadline?

We are aware that in some cases an extended deadline for language certificates may be necessary and we will pay heed to individual circumstances. Please make sure to note the belated arrival of your documents in your application.

May I send in my application later than 31 December, 2016?

We will consider applications that reach us later than 31 December, 2016. We may come back to applications that have been sent in after the deadline, and we will inform interested applicants in due time about the processing of their applications.

What kinds of language certificates will be accepted?

Since there is no widely accepted standard, we accept a variety of confirmations of language proficiency. Language certificates may be issued by local Goethe Institutes or universities that offer German language courses. Furthermore, we accept confirmations of proficiency issued by German-speaking professors.

Which level of proficiency of German do I have to display to take part in the language program?

A level three of German proficiency according to the ILR scale - as given in the info material - is admittedly a high estimate. A working knowledge of German should not be lower than level two according to the ILR scale or, in other terms, be located between B1 and B2 according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference of Languages).

Do I write my application in English or German?

There is no need to write the application in German (or stick to German standards for applications) but we will certainly accept applications either in English or German.

How much is a six-week stay in Cologne going to cost me?

According to our estimations applicants should anticipate approximately 1.200€ (~$1,500) of living costs for six weeks (that includes rent, food, and social activities). Travel costs should not exceed 800€ (~$,1000) when booking flights well in advance. In addition, the immatriculation fee (~250€ or $280) is required to receive (visiting) student status.

I am not a student of Classical Studies. Can I still apply?

We strongly encourage advanced students of neighboring disciplines to apply to the program. As the immersion program is designed to connect the many fields of Classics, and as students of History, Archaeology and other disciplines stand to profit from the language course, they are welcome to send in their applications.






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