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Medival Latin Philology

Cologne, Erzbischöfl. Diözesan- und Dombibliothek, Cod. 203, fol 1r.

Latin Philology of the Middle Ages and the Modern Era examines the Latin language and its literature from the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Era (ca. 5th/6th - 16th/17th centuries). It follows the paths that the language took after the fall of the Roman Empire beyond its borders with Christianity to the Irish and Anglo-Saxons, Scandinavian and West Slavic tribes, and also examines various Latin technical languages that developed congruent to the circumstances and needs in the Middle Ages. Much of the  extraordinarily extensive literature, which touches on all areas of Medieval cultural life, has yet to be investigated; time and again, ancient and especially late antique-Christian models and their history of effect and transmission have yet to be included in the historical investigation. An important component of the subject is Latin palaeography (manuscript studies). Medieval Latin Philology is of central importance for the study of medieval educational and intellectual history and in the effort to understand the people of the Middle Ages.


Köln, Erzbischöfl. Diözesan- und Dombibliothek, Cod. 203, fol. 49r.